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Steve W. Martin, who teaches sales strategy at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. Wrote a book titled Heavy Hitter I.T. Sales Strategy: Competitive Insights from Interviews with 1,000+ Key Information Technology Decision Makers. The below is an extract of his research and thinking on the critical personality traits of successful sales people and why. These traits are key to hiring people who are more probably going to be successful at IT and Tech sales.

  1. Modesty - Contrary to conventional stereotypes that successful salespeople are pushy and egotistical, 91 percent of top salespeople had medium to high scores of modesty and humility. Furthermore, the results suggest that ostentatious salespeople who are full of bravado alienate far more customers than they win over.
  2. Team Orientation - As opposed to establishing themselves as the focal point of the purchase decision, top salespeople position the team (presales technical engineers, consulting, and management) that will help them win the account as the centerpiece.
  3. Conscientiousness - Eighty-five percent of top salespeople had high levels of conscientiousness, whereby they could be described as having a strong sense of duty and being responsible and reliable. These salespeople take their jobs very seriously and feel deeply responsible for the results.
  4. Account Control - The worst position for salespeople to be in is to have relinquished account control and to be operating at the direction of the customer, or worse yet, a competitor. Conversely, top salespeople take command of the sales cycle process in order to control their own destiny.
  5. Achievement Orientation - Eighty-four percent of the top performers tested, scored very high in achievement orientation. They are fixated on achieving goals and continuously measure their performance in comparison to their goals.
  6. Political Orientation - During sales cycles, top sales, performers seek to understand the politics of customer decision-making. Their goal orientation instinctively drives them to meet with key decision-makers. Therefore, they strategize about the people they are selling to and how the products they’re selling fit into the organization instead of focusing on the functionality of the products themselves.
  7. Curiosity - Curiosity can be described as a person’s hunger for knowledge and information. Eighty-two percent of top salespeople scored extremely high curiosity levels. Top salespeople are naturally more curious than their lesser performing counterparts.
  8. Inquisitiveness - A high level of inquisitiveness correlates to an active presence during sales calls. An active presence drives the salesperson to ask customers difficult and uncomfortable questions in order to close gaps in information. Top salespeople want to know if they can win the business, and they want to know the truth as soon as possible.
  9. Lack of Gregariousness - One of the most surprising differences between top salespeople and those ranking in the bottom one-third of performance is their level of gregariousness (preference for being with people and friendliness). Overall, top performers averaged 30 percent lower gregariousness than below average performers.
  10. Dominance - Dominance is the ability to gain the willing obedience of customers such that the salesperson’s recommendations and advice are followed. The results indicate that overly friendly salespeople are too close to their customers and have difficulty establishing dominance.
  11. Lack of Discouragement - Less than 10 percent of top salespeople were classified as having high levels of discouragement and being frequently overwhelmed with sadness. Conversely, 90 percent were categorized as experiencing infrequent or only occasional sadness.
  12. Competitiveness - A very high percentage of top performers played organized sports in high school. There seems to be a correlation between sports and sales success as top performers are able to handle emotional disappointments, bounce back from losses, and mentally prepare themselves for the next opportunity to compete.
  13. Lack of Self-Consciousness - Self-consciousness is the measurement of how easily someone is embarrassed. The by-product of a high level of self-consciousness is bashfulness and inhibition. Less than five percent of top performers had high levels of self-consciousness.

What People Say About Us

"It is no surprise that your book Selling to Win has been in publication and top of the charts for 25 years. I was first introduced to the book and then to Richard Denny over 10 years ago. In that time your words have inspired many, and your stories have stayed as a precious reminder to help achieve customer excellence and to build long term relationships. Selling to Win has become a firm favourite."

Diane Martyn – is a recruitment and business professional. Until February 2012 Diane was Chief Executive Officer of Select Appointments plc which merged with Randstad and became Randstad Staffing in May 2008. She is now non-executive director at Staffline Group plc

"Selling to Win is so good I bought 400 copies for our sales force and it certainly helped us create a series of large extremely profitable business"

Alan Jones OBE – joined TNT Overnite in 1980 and in 1985 was appointed MD to TNT UK Ltd. when the company employed less than 3,000 people. He built the company to become the most profitable in the industry winning many awards along the way and became Group Managing Director of TNT Express with a global workforce of around 45,000 until the end of 2003. From October 2005 – 2008 Alan was chief executive of GSL where he transformed trading results through the introduction of business excellence approaches. He is involved with many prestigious Foundations, Charities, Institutes and Associations and holds several honorary degrees from Midlands Universities.

"Richard Denny is the Master of Sales and Selling to Win is a masterpiece of sales advice"

Bev James – is a successful serial entrepreneur and business coach with more than 20 years' experience in diverse sectors including coaching, training, recruitment and health & fitness. Founder, MD & Head of Training for the Entrepreneurs' Business Academy, a joint venture with James Caan, she is also one of the EBA Millionaire Mentors and has coached many entrepreneurs to millionaire status

"Selling to Win was one of the first books I read during my formative years in business nearly 20 years go. It has been an essential and brilliant source of inspiration ever since!"

Liggy Webb – is widely respected as a leading expert in the field of Modern Life Skills. As a presenter, consultant and author she is passionate about her work and improving the quality of people's lives. Liggy is a consultant for the United Nations and travels extensively working in a variety of worldwide locations.

"For 23 years since I first bought Selling to Win for my team, all practical points and powerful prose that this purposeful book delivers has proved priceless. The fact that it is still the sought after manual after 25 years is testament to how Richard has captured the very essence of what makes for success. When years later I was fortunate to tour Iran with Richard I witnessed that his engaging straight-talking, humorous and highly professional style mirrored his powerful prose."

Professor Colin Turner – is listed as one of the worlds top business gurus as thought-leader and practitioner, he is the creator of Psychology of Corporate Entrepreneurship, and founder of The One Percent Solution (T-O-P-S). He is also the author of some 22 books.

"Selling to Win is the book on selling amongst all the books on selling. Every business, if they want to win, has to sell and Selling to Win shows them how, chapter and verse. From the beginner to the hardened old pro, this is the book that you have to carry if you want to sell to win."

Geoff Burch – the alternative business guru and keynote speaker on change. Geoff uses funny, entertaining and challenging ideas to get his message across. He is also a best selling author of six business books and gives good advice to small business owners or people starting their own businesses.

"This was one of the first business books I ever read. It has helped me in every way throughout my business career and I have used the ideas to great effect. If everyone in business put Richard Denny’s teachings from Selling to Win into practice the UK economy would be a world beater."

Steve Bennett – began his career in the late ‘80s with a £40 a week Government Enterprise Allowance and within ten years had developed the fastest growing privately owned company in Britain and then his next venture jungle.com became the first internet success story. He has been quoted in the press as the “king of customer services”. Having developed an addiction for gemstones in 2003 he then launched Gems TV in 2004 which was the first dedicated jewellery channel in Europe and in 2006 it floated on the Singapore Stock Exchange. The company did not flourish under corporate ownership and Steve bought back the company in June of 2010 and the company has now provided gem pieces to over 350,000 customers.


"Thank God for Richard Denny. I’ve lost count of how many businesses and individuals his priceless advice and knowledge have saved from the mortal dangers of uncertain economies, uncertain customers and ineffective selling techniques. I bought Selling to Win 20 years ago on one of my many maxed out credit cards. It stayed by my side through my evolution from massive debt into owning a multi million pound business. Richard Denny is that rare combination – a sales genius with the ability to translate his profound knowledge into simple steps that you can follow to transform your sales. This book contains the keys to unlocking the financial freedom you deserve. Buy it. Read it. Use it."

Chris Cardell - is a trusted adviser to business owners across the world on marketing, internet marketing and Entrepreneurial success. For two decades, he has shown business owners, managers and the self-employed how to win more customers and increase their profits using advanced marketing, advertising and internet strategies.

"Richard Denny’s book Selling to Win is one of those rare business books that just go on being recommended, bought and reprinted. Yes it is a classic and will continue to guide its readers in making selling enjoyable, professional and profitable, and no doubt will still be in print for another 25 years."

Allan Pease - Known internationally as 'Mr. Body Language' for almost 4 decades since his definitive book with that title became a multi-million seller and the communication bible for organisations worldwide. Allan is also a highly entertaining motivational speaker.


"I met Richard nearly 20 years ago when I worked in marketing and advertising, just prior to being made redundant (and founding King of Shaves!). He was a dynamic, impressive individual – and made a mark on me – I read and re-read his book then – the 1997 edition of ‘Selling to Win’. Nothing starts in this world without a sale – and he for sure helped me in transferring MY enthusiasm for what I intended to do, to often – the desired effect."

Will King – Created King of Shaves in 1993 in his kitchen, it is now the second largest brand of shaving software in the UK with a powerful retail presence throughout the nation. His Book ‘The King of Shaves Story’ - tells how he founded King of Shaves in the middle of the 90's recession, and developed it into a global challenger brand in the wet shave market.


"Richard Denny is an amazing communicator. Selling to Win is a practical, highly effective and inspirational book. Follow Richard Denny’s advice and you cannot fail!"

Rosemary Conley CBE – the UK’s leading diet and fitness expert with over 40 years’ experience of helping people lose weight and get fit. Writing her first book in 1986 Rosemary went onto launch her diet and fitness clubs in 1993 which now have in excess of 70,000 members, and she was made a Commander of the British Empire in 2004.


"Richard Denny is a true national treasure! Like many of my generation, ‘Selling to Win’ was my business bible during the formative years – I learned so much from it and it’s all still relevant today."

Nigel Botterill – A multi-award-winning entrepreneur who has built eight separate £million+ businesses from scratch since 2004 and now helps other UK business owners be successfull.

"It is nearly 20 years ago that I first met Richard Denny – an individual whose passion for business is positively infectious. His book ‘Selling to Win’ was my bible when I set up my first company in 1993. I was genuinely inspired, so much so, that when the company began to expand Richard became a regular speaker at our staff training sessions. It is no exaggeration to say that the things I learned from Richard back then I am still applying to my business practices every single day as I move towards selling my second company! I would recommend ‘Selling to Win’, and of course Richard Denny to anyone in the business world. It’s an eye opener."

Brian MacLaurin – Founder and CEO of MacLaurin Communiactions Ltd.,/MacLaurin Group Ltd., now Chairman of MacLaurin Media Ltd. since 2003. Using their unrivalled knowledge of media his company develop strategies and deliver award winning media campaign for their clients.

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